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There’s no getting around them; taxes are a fact of life. However, unless you get the right professional adviser who will take the time to get to know you and your business then you may find that you are paying more tax than you need to.

Whether you are a sole trader, a company or a private individual, our priority as a firm is to ensure we minimise your personal and corporate tax liabilities as far as legally possible.

Ensuring you comply with your corporate and personal tax requirements is essential, especially considering that HMRC now impose heavy penalties for late corporate and self-assessment submissions.

Companies have a deadline to pay their Corporation Tax of nine months and one day after the end of each accounting period before any interest is applied.

The Corporation Tax Return itself doesn’t need to be submitted until twelve months after the end of each accounting period but this will tend to be submitted earlier than this.

Personal taxpayers will complete a Self Assessment Tax Return by the 31st January each year which records all of their income. This might be their self employment income from their sole trader business or partnership, their salary from their employed income, their rental income, dividends etc etc.

We will ensure that all of the income that our clients have received are recorded accurately on the returns that are submitted and that tax relief is obtained for any expenses that are incurred for earning that income to ensure each client pays as little tax as legally possible.

We can ensure you meet all of your statutory tax deadlines and provide reminders if and when necessary as we understand that business owners rely on their accountant to remind them from time to time.

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